The ACTS program is unique in the Greater Richmond area in that homeless prevention is our sole purpose. Our aim is to provide individuals and families who are experiencing temporary financial crises with solutions to their needs and allow them to remain stably housed and self-sufficient. We meet personally with clients who have been referred through our internal network and provide intake assessments in a way that are both pragmatic and compassionate. We understand that few circumstances in life are more devastating than the fear of losing one’s home and facing an unknown future. That future may mean living in a car, staying in a homeless shelter or having to double up in a home with another family, all of which are unstable and difficult. For families with children, this can be even more disconcerting and stressful.

Emergency Financial Assistance

ACTS meets the needs of qualified clients by providing payments for rents, mortgages, utilities, and other emergency payments that may negatively impact housing stability. We are a central location where staff and trained volunteers work together to help low income, hardworking people who are seeking emergency assistance.

ACTS’ financial assistance and case management support services are critical for early intervention, which is all that often separates many families from homelessness. ACTS’ assistance is comprehensive in that we can routinely provide a level of monetary help that will solve the temporary need. Our goal is to help the family overcome their crisis situation completely rather than just offer a partial or “band aid” solution. Through ACTS, we want Greater Richmond’s low income families and individuals to understand that they can live securely knowing that a financial crisis will not cost them their home.

ACTS’ service has kept many individuals and families (nearly half of them children) from falling into the destructive and devastating cycle of homelessness.

Case Management

• Short term case management services are provided to every client regardless of intake outcome. Assessing a client’s need and assisting them in meeting their need is a part of our service. ACTS case management ensures that a broad spectrum of resources is available to clients we serve.

Clothing Vouchers

ACTS has partnered with the Clothes Rack and Junior League of Richmond to provide vouchers for clients in great need of clothing. The Clothes Rack is a local thrift store with two locations.

The store has provided ACTS with a generous portion of vouchers that ACTS can make available to qualified families who can then go and shop for needed items at no charge.